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We’re forever hearing about work-life balance. “Make sure you budget relaxation into your work schedule or you’ll be sorry”. Sure, right next to the other three hundred pressing items in the “to-do” box. The truth is, most of us understand the need for appropriate work-life balance, but few of us have the time to do much about it. The good news is there are ways to foster balance that are inexpensive, convenient and actually pretty fun. Here’s how soaking in a hot tub just three times a week can find you on the healthy side of the work-life balancing act.

Take a Break From the “Always On” Mentality – Technology is amazing. It saves us time, energy, even money, making it easier to stay connected with critical information any time, day or night. For business, the “always-on” mentality is breaking down walls and having a positive impact on performance and productivity. But for us? Living in a world where smart phones, iPads and instant communication prevails is exhausting. Using a hot tub is the one chance you have in this chaotic world to let go without worrying about email, messages or Tweets. Stretch out, relax and let the mind recharge from a day of mental and physical stress – distraction free.

Give “Burn Out” a Swift Kick in the Head – Believe it or not, burn out is one of the most common problems faced by high-level executives and business professionals. Despite being thought leaders in their field, many of them are simply drained intellectually because they fail to take the time to recharge, revitalize and rejuvenate. Using a hot tub before bed gives your body and mind the chance to slow down and relax. Mentally, taking a break from the noise helps the brain compartmentalize what it has been fed, making room for more. A peaceful transition from awake to sleep, aided by a soak in the hot tub, allows the mind to recharge in preparation for challenges that lie ahead.

Plain Old Fun…Without Being So Serious – Yes, you have critical deadlines, and yes, those are important accounts. But taking a few minutes with a loved one to sit and relax in the comfort of a hot tub gives you the well-deserved opportunity to engage in conversation and laughter to feed the soul. A few times during the week of personalized massage and focus returns, clarity is sharpened and the on point personality that made you a success thrives again.

Conquer work-life balance for good by taking time to rejuvenate, refresh and revitalize mind and body with a calming dip in the hot tub. Easy, convenient and extraordinarily relaxing, a quick soak three times a week and you’ll be fast, focused and flexible in no time.

Hot Tubs Ventura, Portable Spas Santa Barbara, CA

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