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Vita Spa: MAAX Technology And More

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Vita Spa hot tubs feature a unique combination of MAAX technology and original Vita innovation, such as a sequentially-programmable Wave massage seat, a high efficiency energy transfer pump (H.E.E.T.) system, SenFlo therapy for feet and hands, and the BIOzone filtration system.

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Vita Spa hot tubs come in a range of sizes and configurations – all unique to this line – ranging from stylish two-seaters to party tubs with multiple power seats and recliners.

The focus of everything at Vita Spa is on you and it all starts with construction. When you purchase a Vita Spa, you can be sure you’ve made one of the smartest and best investments possible. The complete satisfaction of their customers is Vita Spa’s objective and the result is evident in every spa they produce.


The Joli: Feature Packed

Built for four yet a treat perfect for two. Ideal for a romantic evening, the Joli features two side-by-side form-fitting loungers for social healing and relaxation.

Don’t be fooled by its size. Packed with an array of features such as H.E.E.T. for maximum thermal efficiency, BIOzone, for water purification and VitAroma for an aromatic interlude.The Joli is ready to take on your everyday stresses and leave you refreshed, invigorated and relaxed.

Vita Wave Seat

The Wave Seat

Pinpoint the parts of your body in need of most relief with accurate precision. Zone-by-zone, this seat sequentially provides a vigorous massage directly to the neck, shoulder, and upper and lower areas of your back. Controlling speed and sequence is as simple as a touch of your finger tip. This enviable option is available on the Cabaret, Nuage and Chateau models. Standard on the Rendezvous and Mystique.

Vita Biozone Filtration

BIOzone Filtration

Our dual filtering system ensures that all of the water passes through the filter before it re-enters the spa. The first filter is dedicated to the powerful jet pumps, which rapidly circulates large amounts of water back into the spa. The second filter, works with the 24 hour circulation pump, incorporating our special cartridge element which filters out debris and particles as small as two microns in size. During filtration, our Sparkle Clear™, natural mineral system sanitizes the water using zinc and silver, the same minerals used by mother nature in her babbling brooks. The ozonator oxidizes bacteria in the water.We have designed a special mixing chamber to maximize and prolong the effectiveness of the ozone (O3). What does this all mean? Crystal clear water, minimal maintenance and a healthy, purifying experience for you. (Standard on all 700 series spas.)

Vita The Duet

The Duet

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Vita Thermo Lock

Vita Spas Have MAAX Technology

Vita Spas have all of the key MAAX technologies. The Insulock (MAAX’s Thermo-Lock) insulating system with eco-friendly BlueMAAX fiber and DuraMAAX weather-proof exterior, traps both heat and sound. These features also make it easy to service the spa and bring it back to factory specifications – right in your backyard.

Vita Prestige

Popular: The Prestige

A perfectly fitting name, the Prestige is the smaller version of our most popular spa, the Chateau. The Prestige creates a soothing and tranquil setting for you to escape to. But it’s not just for one, you should invite your friends, too. The Protege boasts one of the world’s most comfortable lounge seats. Equipped with most of the same features and similar seating of the Chateau, the Prestige is a perfect spa for families.

When Spa-Warehouse sets up your Vita Spa, we ensure that you have everything else you’ll need to enjoy it: an easy-to-open cover lift, a chemical kit, dependable service, friendly advice and maintenance.