Spa Maintenance Guides

These are our short guides to filling your spa and maintaining it year-round. Please refer to your owner’s manual for full manufacturer’s guidelines (ours may differ and we prefer you follow manufacturer policies). If you are using the Frog @Ease systems, please also compare our instructions to those included with your kit.

Please also refer to all manufacturer’s specifications and instructions in your owner’s manual.

For MAAX Spas with Standard Chemistry:
MAAX (American Whirlpool, Vita Spa, PowerPool) Start-Up & Maintainance Guide

For MAAX Spas with the @Ease System:
MAAX Spa Start-Up and Maintenance – @Ease

For Bullfrog Spas with Standard Chemistry:
Bullfrog Spa Start-Up and Maintenance – Standard

For Bullfrog Spas with the @Ease System:
Bullfrog Spa Start-Up and Maintenance – @Ease