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Thinking about adding a hot tub to your home but unsure how or where you might put one? The good news is, it’s incredibly easy to customize the perfect hot tub set up for a wide range of unique spaces. Indoors, outdoors, on the deck or patio, in the ground or above, the right hot tub can transform any space into a relaxing retreat right before your very eyes. Here are a few hot tub ideas to think about that may help you create the perfect solution for your at-home retreat.

Truly Customized – The modern hot tub is no longer restrained by circular or square design and standard features. In fact, with so many different styles, materials and shapes, it’s almost impossible not to create the perfect hot tub to complement your décor. There are gorgeous entryways with steps ascending to an outdoor hot tub, hot tubs at the edge of an outdoor kitchen so guests can watch you cook dinner in comfort, in-ground or free standing, dark wood, built in decking, the list goes on and on. The right hot tub can be customized to fit exactly the design requirements you need to complete your look.

Location is Everything – It used to be that an outdoor hot tub had to be placed within a certain amount of space to the back door to accommodate electric capability and other components. These days, the possibilities are limitless. In fact, with wireless technology, you may find an excluded spot on the other side of the yard that is ideal for enjoying a little R&R with a significant other. In bright sun with an oversized umbrella for shade or under a roof with a separate doorway for privacy, choosing the right location for a hot tub can be almost as exciting as buying one and getting it home. And when you fit it to complement the landscape, it can be extraordinary.

Additional Features – While heated, massaging water needs nothing to complement its allure, there are tons of terrific features that can be added to your hot tub for enhancing the experience even more. Imagine watching your favorite television show as you soak away the stressors from the day, or enjoy the comforting reassurance of a loved one to the sounds of the sea through a wireless sound system. With modern technology, spa entertainment systems allow for hot tub luxury with no cables running to and fro. Plus, waterproof, temperature resistant and foolproof, the right system redefines luxury from the comforts of home.

If you’ve been considering adding a hot tub to your décor, you might be surprised by the possibilities. For modern convenience, luxury and design, today’s models are a far cry from the traditional hot tubs of years ago, offering fully loaded entertainment systems, surround sound and endless design possibilities.

Swim Spas Camarillo, Hot Tubs Oxnard, CA

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