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We at have over 20 years’ experience in installing, servicing and maintaining our clients’ luxury spas. We’ve learned that the easier we make it for our clients to enjoy their spas, the happier they are with both their product and our service.

All that we do – from our product selection – to our installation and training process – to our service and warranty support – we do to create a worry-free spa experience.


Before you purchase, we make sure that you understand your spa’s unique features, both those you experience directly and those at work in the daily operation of the spa. We make sure that there will be no surprises (other than pleasant ones) when your spa is set up and running in your home.


craneWe personally manage every aspect of your spa selection, purchase, delivery and set-up. We arrange for delivery, the rental of a crane (if necessary), and the set up of spa fixtures such as the spa cover lift, stairs and other optional features.

What we can’t do for you is the work that a licensed electrician must do. We can, however, recommend an authorized electrician if you don’t already have one.

Also, if you require a licensed contractor to prepare your site before our installation, we can recommend one to you.

Our installation process may involve at least two trips to your home:
1. One to install your spa, from unpacking it to filling it with water and turning it on.
2. Another to show you how to operate and maintain your spa. Once everything is in place, the spa is heated, and you’re ready to go, we will come to your home to make sure that you don’t have any lingering questions.

Warranty Management

We manage your warranty relationship with the manufacturer. We take care of replacing or repairing everything that your warranty covers, should your spa need servicing. As your authorized dealer and service center, we do everything for you.

Service At Your Home

An important reason we chose to represent the MAAX and Bullfrog family of spas is the superior serviceability of all their spas.


MAAX’s Thermo-Lock construction with BlueMAAX is modular, which means that it can be disassembled and returned to factory condition right in your backyard. Other manufacturers’ spas use sprayed urethane foam to insulate their products. This foam must be clawed out of the tub’s structure, then re-sprayed back into the spa, leaving the spa in an altered state after service – or worse – requiring that the spa be moved to service it. Usually, any foam removed is never replaced and the customer’s electric bill goes up. Some manufacturers even use foam to support the spa structurally. MAAX uses steel.

The steel structure and Insulock design in MAAX Spas hot tubs allows for complete on-site service of the entire structure and all mechanical parts. We call this feature “Appliance Grade”. It is important to consider the serviceability of your hot tub, just as you would in any other home appliance.

Bullfrog’s internal JetPaks allow Bullfrog to super-insulate the upper part of the spa vessel, meaning that we will never even have to touch that part of the spa during service. All of Bullfrog’s simple plumbing is located at the bottom of the spa, where it is very easy to assess and access.

Both MAAX and Bullfrog locate their mechanical parts and electric in the front of the spa, making access and repair a very simple matter.

We Look Out For You

When we at Spa-Warehouse set up your spa, we ensure that you have everything else you’ll need to enjoy it: an easy-to-open cover lift, a chemical kit, dependable service, friendly advice and maintenance.