Romance Awareness Month – Hot Tub, Swim Spa Sale Malibu, Ventura

“When relationships are just starting out, romance comes easily, even to those who are less inclined to make romantic gestures,” said Jim Vishnefske, president of Coastal Softub at

Here are three tips for a better love life to begin during National Romance Month and continue all year long.

Create a Romantic Spot with a Ventura Hot Tub – With romance, atmosphere is everything, and hot tubs at home are a fantastic way to create a special, relaxing place for cozy intimacy. A portable spa set up on a balcony, patio or porch is just as soothing as a larger hot tub, and is especially beneficial to couples wanting to create a romantic area.

Don’t Wait For Men to Do All the Work – People often think of romance as something men do to make women feel better, but women can show their partners how much they appreciate them, and spark the romantic fires too. In fact, when a woman starts to do little things to increase romance in a relationship, men often begin to feel the enjoyment and start to do the same.

Try New Things – Relationships that endure for years can get stale, even when two people do dedicate energy and commitment. Use National Romance Month as a reminder to find something new and different to do together that will make the whole year more exciting and fun.

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