Bullfrog Spas

Bullfrog Spas: Advanced Technology Meets Modern Design

Hot tub tech really hasn’t changed much in the past 60 years, with one exception: Bullfrog.

That’s Why They’ve Been The Fastest-Growing Hot Tub Brand For 4 Years Running.

These cutting-edge hot tubs are made in Salt Lake City at a state-of-the-art facility, using all U.S. made components.

Bullfrog M Series Spas

The M Series

The Next Step In Elite Spa Design & Function from Bullfrog Spas.

The Bullfrog Stil Spa

The Stil

Retro Modern Design That Has Won Two International Design Awards. There Is Nothing Else Like It.

Bullfrog A Series Spas

The A Series

Premium Bullfrog Spas In 4 Sizes, With Luxurious Detail.

Bullfrog R Series Spas

The R Series

The Same 4 Sizes, The Same Technology. Without The Bells & Whistles.

Bullfrog X Series Spas

The X Series

Beautiful Bullfrog Spas Without JetPaks. The Same Power & Style In A Very Economical Package.

Bullfrog Swim Spas

Coming This Year

Something Big From Bullfrog Spas…

Stil: Award-WInning Modern Design 17 Bullfrog Massage Jetpaks To Choose From The X Series The R Series The A Series
Bullfrog Neckblaster Jetpak Ventura

Introducing The JetPak From Bullfrog

A Game-Changer For Hydromassage Therapy

Bullfrog’s patented JetPak Therapy System lets you choose your favorite massage and drop it into your favorite hot tub seat. You can switch your JetPaks around whenever you feel like it – even when your spa is running. Bullfrog makes 17 different massage JetPaks, to provide a range of massage types and intensity that no one else can offer.

Personalize your spa by choosing the exact massage you need, then dial in the intensity you want.

You will have to see it to believe it – and we have them in our showroom to see.

All You Need Is Your Bathing Suit

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Browse All 17 Massage JetPaks:

JetPak Recap

1. Choose Your Massage JetPaks When You Design Your Spa

2. Switch Your JetPak Massagers While You Enjoy Your Spa

3. Add New JetPak Massagers Over Time As Your Physical Needs Change

4. Choose From A Far-Wider Range Of Massage Options Than Any Other Spa Manufacturer Can Offer

Bullfrog Conventional Spa

Conventional Spas Look Like This

They’ve Been Built This Way For Sixty Years

When was the last time you bought an appliance that hasn’t been fundamentally re-designed for over half a century? Hot tubs have always been constructed by drilling holes into the tub for each jet, then gluing water and air nozzles into each hole. 100’s of pipes stretch from there to wrap the tub, joined by diverters, manifolds and other plumbing fixtures. In the end, the whole tangle is covered with foam to try to insulate hundreds of feet of water-filled tubing.

This diversion of water decreases power to the jets and makes the spa less energy efficient. As much as 100 gallons of water can lie luke-warm behind the walls of a spa – to be re-heated each time the pumps start.

Bullfrog Spa Interior 600

Bullfrog Spas Look Like This

Clean, Simple, Efficient

The JetPak does away with the need for 90% of the pipes of a conventional spa. A few feet of high pressure 2-inch piping delivers surging water directly to each JetPak and to you. Each tub’s piping is confined to the bottom of the tub, allowing Bullfrog’s engineers to solidly insulate the outer walls of the spa. As a result, according to the California Energy Commission, Bullfrog Spas are the most energy efficient spas on the market.

Bullfrog Efficiency

The Most Energy Efficient Spa On The Market

Bullfrog energy efficient California Energy Commission

Bullfrog's Fully Insulated Spa

Bullfrog Insulation

Bullfrog Spas utilize an ultra energy-efficient foam throughout the interior of the spa structure to lock in more heat. Infrared heat mapping shows the difference that full foam insulation makes. A full foam insulated Bullfrog Spa locks in the heat and very little escapes to the outside air. In a poorly insulated conventional hot tub you can see that more heat is lost to the outside environment, requiring the hot tub to use more energy to keep the water warm.

Bullfrog's Competitors' Less Insulated Spa

Bullfrog Construction

Bullfrog Builds To Last

With Warranties To Match

Bullfrog starts by not using wood in its spas, as many other manufacturers still do. The extruded composite EnduraFrame has a lifetime warranty for all Bullfrog Spas.

Everything in the spa – pumps, motors, electrical, JetPaks, plumbing, EternaWood vinyl siding – is made in the U.S.A. and has a five year unlimited warranty.

Bullfrog’s warranties for its multi-ply acrilic/fiberglass shells are the best in the industry. And Bullfrog is the first spa manufacturer to turn away from vinyl for its covers: they now use Sunbrella, light, colorfast, UV-resistant material to beat the sun for the lifetime of your spa.

See The Bullfrog Spas For Yourself!

Come to our warehouse showroom to see the JetPaks in operation for yourself.

Bring a bathing suit and actually try out this amazing, breakthrough technology.

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