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American Whirlpool

American Whirlpool Spas: Luxury Built To Last

MAAX Spas Model 471

MAAX Spas Is Now American Whirlpool!

The change is in name only. American Whirlpool (formerly MAAX Spas) continues to be the industry leader in hydrotherapy, tub design, water control and serviceability. American Whirlpool Spas are made at the same Chandler, Arizona Factory, with the same advanced MAAX technology that our customers have come to trust and love. MAAX Spas has built quality spas for decades but while legacy spa brands rested on their laurels, MAAX has surpassed them all with its elegant designs, advanced hydrotherapy and longevity. All the American Whirlpool Series, including Vita Spa and American Whirlpool Swim Spas, take full advantage of MAAX technology and design innovation.

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American Whirlpool spas have a modern, low-slung, profile. The seating angle curves away from the traditional vertical back, so every seat becomes more of a lounger, with more room in the footwell.

The lip of a American Whirlpool Spa is wide, curved and strong, making the tub comfortable to rest upon, sit upon and climb over.

This low-profile look is accented by the woody DuraMAAX exterior – which seals in heat but seals out the effects of weather – and our continuous-cast acrylic interiors, which come in a variety of colors and textures.

MAAX Spas Relaxation

Ergonomics & Hydrotherapy:

American Whirlpool Spa Models seat from three to eight people, with a variety of seating combinations: performance lounges, shiatsu pinpoint massage seats, bucket lounges and molded bench seating. Ergonomic molding and the spa’s low profile ensure that you will never feel crowded in a American Whirlpool Spa.

These spas are masterfully molded – and reverse molded. Reverse molding allows the spa to “bump out” over your shoulders or feet to direct jets downward, instead of just straight into the spa or up from the floor. The Comfort Collar and X-Option Collar actually pinpoint massage your shoulders from above the water line, while American Whirlpool ‘s Foot Relief Zone massages both the tops and the bottoms of your feet.


American Whirlpool Hydrotherapy Performance

American Whirlpool ‘s Performance Seats And Lounges take ergonomic spa engineering to the highest level for total hydrotherapy. Comfort Collars cradle your head while an array of powerful jets provide pinpoint massage accuracy. theramaax_jetsThe molded shape of this seating – designed by the same engineer who modeled the ergonomic seating for the Corvette and F16 Fighter – takes into account the power of the jets, body buoyancy and posture, to ensure that no body type will just “float off” during a American Whirlpool performance massage.

American Whirlpool hydrotherapy is built upon TheraMAAX jet technology. The unique TheraMAAX grill system builds a vortex behind and around the nozzle stream, which moves more water, more efficiently to its destination. TheraMAAX jets come in various sizes, and combined with our tubs’ powerful pumping systems, move more water for more hydrotherapy.


American Whirlpool Filtration:

American Whirlpool ‘s water cleaning system starts with the First Filter (an advanced mesh as effective as most other spas’ actual filter), moves water next through the Spa Filter, then sends it to the Clean Zone, our maintenance-free disinfecting ultraviolet plasma cell ozone system. Your water is clean before it even enters the pumps. Our optional additional sanitizer – Clean Zone II – utilizes a UVC/ozone technology used around the world to purify drinking water. American Whirlpool ‘s Clean Zone II technology significantly reduces the amount of chlorine or bromine sanitizer required in your spa.

American Whirlpool Spas’ 56-frame pumps move more water more efficiently than the 48-frame pumps used by most other manufacturers. American Whirlpool Spas circulate and clean all of the water in your tub 4 to 6 times per hour, eliminating the necessity of running a smaller pump in the background throughout the day.


American Whirlpool Water Control:

The digital marine grade Control Panel manages all aspects of your spa’s water system. Its onboard timers can even be set to clean your spa during specific hours of the day to take advantage of lower daypart electric rates (coming soon to a municipality near you).

American Whirlpool ergonomic air feed and nozzle controls require just the lightest touch: no twisting and turning is ever necessary.

wireless_remoteAmerican Whirlpool also has an optional Floating Remote Control for inside the spa and a Wireless Remote Monitor for inside your home. You can control the heat and water flow in your spa from your living room.

American Whirlpool ‘s exclusive Powerworks with M7 solid state water control technology can sense heat and other water conditions without mechanical switches or through-wall temperature sensors (both of which often require replacement or repair in other spas) – another worry-free technology exclusive to American Whirlpool Spas. Powerworks M7 technology is a standard feature in every spa in the American Whirlpool family.


American Whirlpool Construction:

American Whirlpool Spas are built to last, built to save energy, and built to help the environment.

At the bottom of a American Whirlpool spa is an ABS Sealed Base, a one-piece waterproof foundation that integrates with a Steel Sub-Structure. This zinc-coated structural steel frame – 40% lighter than wood – is the strongest spa support available. It will never rot, warp, split or become infested with insects – all of which can happen with wood spa frames. And it’s warrantied for a lifetime.


Sealing in the steel frame and ABS base is MAAX’s proprietary Thermo-Lock system. Heat reflective insulation directs heat from the spa and motors back into the spa, creating more efficient heating and significant energy savings.

BlueMAAX insulation – a recycled, ecofriendly natural fiber – is the insulating core of a MAAX spa. BlueMAAX replaces traditional urethane insulating foam, which must be clawed out from the spa when the spa is serviced. BlueMAAX is part of the modular Thermo-Lock system, which can be serviced and returned to factory installation specifications right in your backyard by Spa-Warehouse.

MAAX Quiet

Quiet Enjoyment

The same insulation that makes a American Whirlpool Spa energy efficient also makes it run quietly, inside and out. Sound energy is trapped and deadened inside the spa by the Thermo-Lock insulation system. Quiet operation is key to a peaceful and relaxing spa experience, and the American Whirlpool family of spas is one of the quietest on the market.


A quiet spa is the perfect environment for quality sound in your spa. American Whirlpool offers a Sony Stereo CD option which is satellite ready – you can even plug in your own MP3 player. The Sony Subwoofer is embedded in the spa’s substructure, from which it resonates through the water.

Our spas are quiet, so you can hear the music.