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If you suffer with back pain, you probably know more than most how important it is to find relief. The fact is, we use our back muscles in just about every movement we make, from bending over to pick something up to reaching high above our heads. When pain hits, it’s debilitating and finding relief is priority number one. The good news is, there is a solution to back pain that is all natural, easy, and convenient- and it may just be in your back yard. Here’s a little about the magic of a hot tub and how it can help relieve chronic back pain for good.

A Soak Encourages Blood Flow, Eases Pain, and Relaxes Muscles – There’s a science behind using the hot tub to relieve back pain because aside from feeling great, a soak in the warm water increases blood flow which eases pain and relaxes stiff, damaged muscles. Heat therapy has been used for centuries to relieve a variety of conditions- and with good reason; it works instantly. While heating pads and heat packs can provide temporary relief, there’s nothing quite like intense heat and massage from a hot tub surrounding the body from head to toe, penetrating deep beneath the skin to relax back muscles.

All Natural Relief – In many cases, chronic back pain relief involves prescription drugs, medicines, even surgery. However, no one knows for sure how long term use of certain medicines will impact overall health going forward. In almost every case, all natural relief is a better, safer strategy. A hot tub is only heated water and massage with no toxins, chemicals, or unknowns to worry about. For long term and short-term relief, soaking in a hot tub on a consistent basis can reduce pain, decrease inflammation and promote healing of damaged tissue.

Improved Flexibility – When back pain hits, it’s often accompanied by limited range of motion and reduced flexibility. Because of the buoyancy created by the water, it’s easier to find relief in a hot tub. It’s part of the hydrotherapeutic benefit that comes from soaking in the tub – heat, massage and water work together to relieve pain, reduce stiffness, encourage blood flow and increase flexibility. With consistent use, a hot tub can promote spine flexibility, making it easier and less painful to participate in the activities you enjoy.

Back pain is the number two reason (next to colds and flu) for going to the doctor. When it hits, relief is a top priority. The next time back pain has you frustrated, consider using a hot tub for instant relief. With massaging jets, intense heat and an all-natural environment, soaking your way to more flexibility and less pain is a smart idea.

Hot Tubs Los Angeles, Portable Spas LA, CA

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