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Arthritis is a chronic condition that affects nearly 350 million people worldwide. With all kinds of different severity, pain ranges from simple discomfort to complete debilitation. A sore hip, an achy knee or allover discomfort makes finding relief priority one. With warm, massaging water and buoyancy to decrease pressure, hot tub therapy may be the solution to easy, effective arthritis pain relief. If you’re considering your options, here’s how a hot tub can help.

Reduce Joint Pain, Stiffness and Inflammation – Using a hot tub from home is an easy and convenient way to feel better fast. In fact, the second you slip into the warm, massaging water, pain and stiffness is relieved. It has to do with two things – intense heat relaxes muscle and joints, while massaging water stimulates and encourages circulation, which revives joints, making it easier to move without pain. Inflammation is reduced, and that feeling of tense, stiff muscles and joints is relieved.

Improve Strength And Mobility – One of the negative consequences of arthritis is limited mobility. In many ways, strengthening muscles through exercise can mitigate some of this decreased mobility, making it easier to move without pain. Use a hot tub to maximize strength training sessions by letting the buoyancy of the water take pressure off joints, making it easier to stretch, and perform light cardiovascular exercise. Aquatic exercise is great conditioning for the heart, but particularly for arthritis sufferers, it is an easy way to increase strength and restore mobility.

Hot Tub Therapy Is Convenient – One of the biggest advantages to using a hot tub for arthritis pain is the convenience and ease of on-demand relief. Whether it’s in the morning as a way to relieve stiff joints from sleeping, as a pick-me-up pain relieving solution midday or as a way to relax achy muscles and joints in preparation for sleep, soaking is easy, convenient and hassle-free. An in-home hot tub is an investment in better health, and can bring years of relaxation and therapeutic relief.

Why suffer with arthritis pain when you can take a few relaxing minutes out of your day to soak away the pain? With heated, massaging water and buoyancy, a hot tub is relief on demand. A few times a week as needed for pain and a dip in the warm, bubbly water can restore mobility, eliminate stiffness and leave you feeling and looking great.

Hot Tubs Los Angeles, Portable Spas LA, CA

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