Physician Designed Zone Therapy

Physician Designed Zone Therapy™

Whether diminishing the stresses of everyday life, healing a sports injury, relieving aching joints and stiff muscles due to arthritis or simply letting you achieve a good night’s sleep – your MAAX® Spas hot tub can help with Physician designed Zone Therapy™. Zone Therapy™ utilizes strategically positioned jets to target specific pain zones that contain muscular trigger points. More jets don’t necessarily mean a more effective massage. Precisely locating the correct size jet and massaging action where they are most effective is key to relieving pain and stiffness throughout the entire body. The Zone Therapy™ concept has been designed by medical specialists in the fields of physical rehabilitation and massage therapy.

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1. Sub-occipital zone. Suboccipital Trigger points in the area where the neck meets the back of the head is a common cause of headaches. The Comfort Collar gently cradles your head while targeting this area.


2. Trapezius zone. Trapezius trigger points can contribute to pain across the shoulders, and upper back. An array of Jets target these sensitive areas, providing an improvement in blood circulation and gently dissolving away the feeling of tension.

3. Paraspinal zone. Paraspinal Increased tension in the back muscles on either side of the spine can be linked to many medical conditions. An effective combination of jets provide soothing stimulation for incredible body relaxation.

4. Lumbosacral. Lumbosacral Aching lower back pain is something most of us will experience. Back pain is linked to excess tension in muscular trigger points in the lower back. The swirling motion provides an invigorating massage to the lower back to loosen your knots of tension and bring relaxing relief.

5. Gluteal zone. Gluteal Sitting can lead to increased tension in muscular trigger points surrounding the hips and upper thighs. Jets positioned at the sides of the seat bring you a stimulating massage to dissolve tension in these muscles.

6. Foot Relief Zone™. Many important nerve endings in the feet connect to all parts of your body. Sore and tired feet can affect how we feel all over. The ingenious Foot Relief Zone™ targets the upper and lower parts of the feet with invigorating streams of water that provide relaxation throughout the body.