Swim Spas: Why MAAX PowerPools?

powerpool_backyardFrom streams to oceans, the forces of moving water have changed our landscapes and our lives. That same power is now available for your home in the new MAAX Spas PowerPool™ from the outdoor adventure experts.

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The new MAAX Swim Spas PowerPool™ uses flowing streams of water to create a home environment ideal for fitness, relaxation and healing.

MAAX Swim Spas PowerPool combines the best aspects of swimming pools, hot tubs and home gyms. Whether it’s to shape our body, soothe your soul or transform your backyard into an oasis of tranquility, MAAX Spas PowerPool™ harnesses the power of moving water to enhance your life.

The New ML4 Lounge Swim Spa

The new ML4 MAAX Force Lounge features the New MAAX Force Jet Propulsion System with a 50% faster swim experience as well as both hydrotherapy and swim jet stream modes. The ML4 sets a new standard for the industry in relaxation, fitness and hydrotherapy. Wifi connectivity, LED illumination, this advanced technology swim spa has it all.

Maax Jet Force
Test Swim The New ML4 in Our Showroom!

We have the ML4 set up and ready for you to test swim: Just bring your suit! The ML4 & MB4 swim spas set the tone for the rest of the swim spa line-up, featuring WiFi Connectivity, Northern Exposure™ insulation system, Freeze Protection, Steel Substructure, CleanZone™, CleanZone™ II, Molded Bottom Pan, MP3/Bluetooth music system and more.

The only thing the ML4 doesn’t have is a bench – that’s in the MB4 (Below).

Maax Force Bench MB4

The Power Of Water

Flow & Jet Power

powerpool_swimmingSix strategically placed powerSwim™ jets provide variable levels of intensity to match the users’ ability levels and resistance requirements. Deep water jets create a complete resistance pattern that ensures a smooth stream of water throughout the depth of the MAAX® Spas PowerPool™ making swimming and aqua-jogging a pleasure.

Swimmers receive additional benefits from the lower PowerSwim™ jets which propel water in an upward and outward angle that provides “lift” as well as flow. These same jets provide resistance to aqua joggers lower legs making every workout more effective.

The Vessel

powerpool_vesselPowerPool™ vessels are constructed of high-impact acrylic thermoplastics. With its ability to handle the depth required in the PowerPool™ and withstand the extreme conditions to which it will be subjected, the elegant, slightly textured surface of the PowerPool™ vessel is a natural choice.

Designed to stand up to the glaring effects of the sun, continuous pounding of aqua-joggers, and everyday use, each vessel is reinforced with 8 layers of composite to provide added strength.

The Frame

powerpool_frameThe frame of the PowerPool™ is built to stand the test of time. Fabricated from industrial grade galvanized steel, the finished frame is then dip-coated and painted to withstand the harshest environments.

Unique to PowerPool™, the top rail of the frame is laminated into the shell structure to form a direct connection to the vessel. This provides the structural strength to engineer the depth of the PowerPool™.

Another exclusive feature to PowerPool™ is the vessel rib system. All PowerPool™ vessels are equipped with galvanized steel ribs. During the reinforcing process these ribs form a continuous loop around the vessel. Once welded to the top rail of the frame and laminated with composite fiberglass, the frame and vessel combine to make it the strongest design.

MAAX Technology

MAAX PowerPool Spas have all of the key MAAX technologies – and more. MAAX’s Thermo-Lock insulating system with eco-friendly BlueMAAX fiber and DuraMAAX weather-proof exterior, traps both heat and sound. These features also make it easy to service the PowerPool and bring it back to factory specifications – right in your backyard.

Powerworks with M7 solid state water sensors operate maintenance-free for the life of your spa. Once every five or six minutes, four powerful MAAX Pumps run all of the water in your spa through the filtration system, featuring the MAAX Clean Zone II system. Clean Zone II utilizes a UVC/ozone technology used around the world to purify drinking water.

Visit the Bullfrog Spas and MAAX Spas Showroom:

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