Hot Tubs Ventura, Portable Spas Santa Barbara, CA – This Year’s Hottest Travel Destination is Your New Hot Tub

You’re not alone if you’re pinching pennies this year. And with the holidays right around the corner, finances are not expected to loosen up any time soon. But there’s no need to postpone the family vacation, because more and more families are taking advantage of the year’s hottest travel destination – the backyard. Savvy homeowners are maximizing outdoor space for a “stay-cation” with the perfect at-home retreat. Here’s what you can expect from an in-home hot tub.

R&R On Your Time – Spas and luxurious vacations are wonderful, but only if you coordinate them to fit your schedule. Often, with limited space available, fancy retreats have restricted travel dates that never fit your timeframe. Even if you find an opportunity, you still need to set appointments to enjoy the offerings. With an in-home hot tub, you have on-demand access to the very same bubbling water and personalized massage of a luxurious spa, but with one key difference. You have unfettered access, day or night and there’s no appointment necessary. It’s total R&R on your time, whether it’s fifteen minutes before bed, twenty minutes before starting your day or on a lazy Sunday with a loved one.

Family-Friendly Entertainment – Have you ever tried to coordinate and plan a family event? With so many different schedules and even more opinions, it’s nearly impossible to get everyone on board and having fun. The benefit of having an in-home hot tub is never having to schedule time away from school or sports. In fact, everyone can go about business as usual as you sneak in some good old-fashioned family time. Get the kids in the hot tub for some great conversation and a few undistracted laughs, and you will have successfully organized quality time and family friendly entertainment.

Intimacy Made Simple – If you don’t have kids and you are looking forward to “getting away” with your partner this year, an in-home hot tub may be a great idea. With instant access, convenience and the luxury of not having to travel, the hot tub is an opportunity to connect, engage and get intimate without the stress. “Staycations” are becoming more and more popular as folks are investing vacation funds into boosting outdoor space with state-of-the-art kitchens, fire pits and more for a true outdoor dream retreat.

This year, consider an in-home hot tub instead of struggling with time, finances and schedules. With opportunities to build the perfect dream retreat in the backyard, family and loved ones can enjoy relaxing, laughing and good times from the comforts of home. The right in-home hot tub is on-demand access, family friendly entertainment and luxury right outside the back door.

Hot Tubs Ventura, Portable Spas Santa Barbara, CA

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