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Bonding is critical for emotional and physical health. When we connect with someone we care about, whether it’s a child, a spouse, or a friend, our spirits lift, courage boosts, and we feel positive. But with busy schedules, it’s not always convenient to meet for lunch and it’s often challenging to find room in the budget for a casual night out or a family vacation. More often than not, the best laid plans turn into “some other time”. Luckily, there’s an easy, inexpensive and completely convenient way to enjoy time with friends and family right from the comforts of home. Here’s how an in-home hot tub is the perfect way to stay connected.

Distraction Free Zone – How often do you mumble under your breath while trying to have a conversation with a teenager only to have a cell phone beep, an email ping, or a computer drag their attention away? You’re not alone if you feel you’re competing with tech gadgets more than ever these days for a little conversation. The good news is, sitting in a hot tub, even for twenty minutes, is one of the few activities left where gadgets are not allowed. That means undivided attention and the best ten minute conversation you’ve had in months.

Stress Free Environment – Stress makes everything more difficult. And when you need to have a conversation or discuss something serious, it’s even more difficult when anxiety rears its ugly head. Have you been putting off a difficult conversation with a friend or a spouse because it never seems to be the “right time”? While a hot tub can’t change the context of uncomfortable ideas, it can create a stress free environment where it’s nearly impossible not to be candid, open, and relaxed. A soak in the tub with gentle massaging water easing discomfort and tension is the perfect place to have those serious talks and challenging conversations.

Quality Time Redefined – Some families have game night, others take an annual vacation. Why not schedule a family soak on Sunday evening after dinner for a little quality time with the kids? Mom and dad will certainly enjoy the therapeutic benefits that come from massage, buoyancy, and heat, and the kids will love the idea of getting into the bubbly water. An easy, cost effective solution that brings everyone together in a safe, natural environment, an in-home hot tub may be the backyard retreat and quality family-friendly activity you’ve been looking for.

Relationships with friends and family are some of the most important connections we will make as human beings. When time, finances, or other responsibilities make nurturing these connections challenging, use a hot tub. For an easy, distraction free environment, an opportunity to engage, and a cost effective way to bring everyone together, nothing beats an in-home hot tub.

Hot Tubs Los Angeles, Portable Spas LA, CA


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