Backyard Design

backyard-grilCongratulations, you have finally decided to add a hot tub to your home! Installing your new hot tub will be the start of what will be years of blissful time spent relaxing with your nearest and dearest. Your next step to enjoy your new hot tub is locating it in your backyard. It is easy enough to select the location, pour the concrete and enjoy, but why limit yourself to a site just because it’s convenient, easy to access or functional? The transition from a plain hot tub installation to your ultimate vision for the perfect backyard can be a reality; all you have to do is explore all the potential of your original backyard landscape and how you can integrate your new hot tub. There are many great options you can consider, and with a little inspiration and creativity your new hot tub can become your personal backyard spa retreat. So design your space and make a plan, these will be the starting points for creating your perfect spa environment.

Visit the Bullfrog Spas and MAAX Spas Showroom:

Come to our showroom and see the MAAX and Bullfrog family of spas in operation. Examine the quality of the construction and try out the controls for yourself. We are located just off the 101 Freeway in Ventura, and we're open every day except Sunday.

Give us a call at (805) 654-9000 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about all our products and services.

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